Brew up some laughter

I recently was having a chat with a friend on what more could I add here. After initial few suggestions of food blogging (yes, I am going to do that soon – going to places and tasting some of their top delicacies), coffee tasting (got some mouth-watering recommendations which I am sure to share here as and when I try them) and maybe even the stuffs that I cook up, I was sold – all of them.

Well, let me just clear it out that I am not doing any of the above in this particular entry before anyone starts wondering what is this post about!

Okay okay, I will jump to the point now. Back to the same friend, she has a peculiar taste for green tea (ah, we all know those at work who keep on sipping on this couple times a day). Now, people generally have it for health benefits such as treating headaches, improving brain function (lol, not my words), increasing antioxidants, and even burning fat to name a few. I am in no position to comment on any of validity of these and yes, I do have a cup or two occasionally.

Green tea 

But this is not the reason why few of us office drink it, or atleast the reason why I do. What we get out of it is pretty unexpected, strange “high” feeling followed by jovial mood and lots of joking around – which is not funny to anyone else but those on the green tea, not that we would care.

It is a wonderful carefree feeling that you get and what’s better than sharing that with some of your best friends (I will leave work out that). Now that is a benefit worth considering.

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