PRDXN’s Top 5 GitHub Repositories for January

Here’s what we at PRDXN found interesting and useful on GitHub this past month. Why share these findings here? Because we feel that every budding developer should know about these valuable tools. Check out our December finds here.

30 seconds of code

A curated collection of useful Javascript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less. With utilities such as Dates, Arrays, Strings, and much more, this comes in really handy for those who want to understand these things practically.


Popmotion is a functional, reactive JavaScript motion library. It allows you to create unique animations and interactions with tweens, physics, and input tracking.

Actions are streams of values that can be started and stopped, like tweens, physics, and pointer input. Actions are unopinionated, so those values can be used to create animations with CSS, SVG, React, Three.js… any API that accepts a number as an input.

See it in action here:

Docusaurus (by Facebook)

Docusaurus is a project for easily building, deploying, and maintaining open source project websites.

Docusaurus is built to be easy to get up and running in as little time as possible. It ships with localization support via CrowdIn, enabling you to grow your international community by translating your documentation. And, of course, it is customizable as well to ensure you have a site that is uniquely yours.


Hyperapp is a JavaScript library for building frontend applications.

It allows you to create scalable browser-based applications using functional paradigm without the need for you to learn a new language. While at it, Hyperapp also minimizes the concepts that you might have to learn and understand but still be able to deliver what other frameworks can.

Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide

This is an old one but still worth mentioning. Everyone writes JavaScript a little differently. Airbnb decided it was time that we got together and agree on how we write JavaScript. They describe it as a mostly reasonable approach to JavaScript.

It is released it under the MIT license, so please feel free to fork and change the rules to fit your team’s style guide. If you haven’t had a look at this, head straight to their Github page now!

What do you think about this list? Do you have any other repos that are worth sharing? Let us know in the responses below.