So I came across few posts from a friend and was overwhelmed by what, I think, that person is or was going through. I don’t want this to come across as an insensitive to a situation which is far more serious, personal – which I don’t have any right to comment on. It is just that few days back I woke up to this feeling of trying to capture these emotions into words, and this just followed along.

So here it goes:

I could see the change, I could feel the pain
By the words that she let out, in silent reign
Oh the scars that only some could see
She locked her heart, threw away the key

Won’t let anyone in, hurt as she has many times been
Has learned to numb away the pain, hesitant to let herself out again
But you pick yourself, dust off, keep on and walk on
With a broken shattered, yet a golden, unwavering heart

I don’t know why it aches, why did it all fall down and break
But you pull it all off, with a smile, and whatever it takes
While the memories keep washing up the lake

And there are moments when it may get too hard
You don’t want the world to see while the pieces fall apart
But you pick yourself, dust it, keep it and walk on
With a broken shattered, yet a golden, unwavering heart


Maybe it is easier to be invisible, distance yourself from all the clutter, to make your way through life the way you want, to not have any expectations from people around you; and while you might get spurts of “loneliness”, you want to be in control of what happens to you.

Most of us spend our time in being accepted by people around us, or trying to fulfil the expectations (or setting expectations from people which may, more often than not, ultimately let us down) – and in all of this, we tend to get distracted from what is needed to make yourself happy.

Probably you feel ignored by people you love the most, being replaced in a blink of an eye, or having unfulfilled expectations (that you set because you expected them to reciprocate the same for you); these are some of the hardest moments you face when it happens with people you care the most about (and think that they do too – maybe not the ‘most’ to be honest).

Invisibility comes with advantages – to move past life, under the radar, no one knowing your mistakes but most importantly the power to see the world through others’ eyes as they show you their truest nature. Everyone gives themselves away when they are alone; that is the power – and it comes with its tradeoffs.