A Monster Calls

Couple of days back (after being tilted during a Dota 2 game), I thought of watching a movie. It had been a while since I watched any, especially with all the TV series that keep me more than occupied. Choosing a movie wasn’t really difficult with the name Liam Neeson in the cast popping up.

A boy seeks the help of a tree monster to cope with his single mother’s terminal illness.

A Monster Calls‘ isn’t exactly the most riveting title and frankly, despite the cast, I did not expect much from this nearly 2-hour movie but I was in for a surprise.

Based on the book by Patrick Ness, it is a story about a young boy named Conor living with his single mom. It is the journey of Conor through a tough period in school with bullies to his terminally ill mother suffering from cancer, and how he creates this imaginary ‘monster’ to help find his strength in such a time.

The movie does remarkably well to capture the pain and the ceaseless cycle of hope that your loved one would recover – both emotionally as well as visually. A tearjerker.


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