So I came across few posts from a friend and was overwhelmed by what, I think, that person is or was going through. I don’t want this to come across as an insensitive to a situation which is far more serious, personal – which I don’t have any right to comment on. It is just that few days back I woke up to this feeling of trying to capture these emotions into words, and this just followed along.

So here it goes:

I could see the change, I could feel the pain
By the words that she let out, in silent reign
Oh the scars that only some could see
She locked her heart, threw away the key

Won’t let anyone in, hurt as she has many times been
Has learned to numb away the pain, hesitant to let herself out again
But you pick yourself, dust off, keep on and walk on
With a broken shattered, yet a golden, unwavering heart

I don’t know why it aches, why did it all fall down and break
But you pull it all off, with a smile, and whatever it takes
While the memories keep washing up the lake

And there are moments when it may get too hard
You don’t want the world to see while the pieces fall apart
But you pick yourself, dust it, keep it and walk on
With a broken shattered, yet a golden, unwavering heart

Missing Part

Don’t forget me, he said
With heavy heart, broken voice and slowly instead
The words could barely make sense
And when he stared back at the face, he knew it was the end

Then She took his hand, said she’s sorry
You will find someone, though world around is scary
This is life, you don’t need to worry
You move on, and just remember our story

She said, I will forever and ever be yours to keep
I will always be there, for whenever there is a friend you need

In his heart, he knew it was the end
He said it’s alright, I understand, or pretend
As they last walked to the place where it all started and now comes the end

And he said, I will forever and ever be yours to keep
I will always be there, for whenever there is a friend you need

Then they left with heavy hearts
These lasting words to carry along as they depart
For he had given her a piece of the broken heart,
To live on with a hole inside, a missing part
And now they are miles apart

Far Behind

So today I woke up with this thought in my head, a feeling which I was used very much used to carry around. What made a difference is actually watching someone else go through the same emotions. Before all this, I may have been oblivious to the feeling but now I am not so sure what to make of that – other than thinking that we all need to move beyond our past, take control (easier said than done, but you have to start somewhere eh?)

Here are the thoughts put together in a song:

Stayed awake through endless nights
Worrying about more wrongs than rights
You leave behind this shadow with the break of light
Only for the sunset to bring back the fight

You think you weren’t made for the world
And it wasn’t made for you
You got to walk through this life
The way that you want, for you

Even though the wounds are fresh
Memories on your mind, all the time..
For the world looking at you, all you’d say “I’m fine”
But really all you gotta do
When times are so slow
And as if swimming against the flow

You go to leave them, all the worries
Oh you got to leave them, all the pain
Far, far, far behind

Ben Howard – Under The Same Sun

Came across Ben Howard, and this performance just blew me away. The guitar tapping is just amazing to watch and even better to listen to. Like many of his songs (Promise and Oats in the water), these are somehow perfect to cool down after a long day.

Will you be there when the day’s done
Will you be there
Under the same, under the same sun
Under the same, under the same sun

And here is link to his live performance of Under the Same Sun at Point FMR back in 2010:

Jason Reeves – Reaching

An incredible song by Jason Reeves.. just read those words..

You’re inches from my fingertips
I’ve come as close as I can get
I’m reaching but the rest is up to you
Yeah, ’cause I don’t ever wanna miss
Being here with you like this
I’m trying but it’s all that I can do
I’m reaching but the rest is up to you

Now let the song take you away.

Andrew Belle – Pieces

Got this song stuck in my head for months now. Some of the songs from Andrew Belle is absolutely heart-touching, even though some of them have a hint of pain and sadness in them – but maybe that’s the charm. Surely going to be on all-time favourite playlist (and yes, I will share it here someday).